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How do you cut across a wake using liquid force wakeboards?

Cross a Wake using a Liquid Force Wakeboard

Liquid force wakeboards are great to use if you want to cut across the wake. You should get comfortable on your board, and practice riding behind the boat while doing some small turns. Twist your hips so that the board maintains direction, but your upper body faces the boat. It helps to keep the handle close to your front, or lead, hip. Then you need to point the liquid force wakeboard in the direction you want to cross the wake. Remember to keep your knees bent and flexible in order to absorb the bumps as you cut the wake. Vary the speeds at which you cut the wake, in order to gain more experience. Once you feel comfortable, you can turn your hips and cut both wakes in one shot (one after the other).

Do you know what liquid force wakeboards are?

Learn More About Liquid Force Wakeboards

liquid force wakeboards are the perfect option for those who are looking to buy a wakeboard that is strong, supple, and easy to use. Riders like Shaun Watson, Shane Bonifay, and Gregg Necrason own personalized wakeboards by liquid force. The pro versions are much better than your standard wakeboard. Liquid force wake boards offer the perfect blend of balance and predictability, which is the reason why many professionals choose to use them. The price of liquid force wakeboards can vary, and good ones start around $300.

How do you do tricks on liquid force wakeboards?

Do a Tailbone on a Liquid Force Wakeboard

If you have invested in a good looking liquid force wakeboard, then you will probably want to learn how to do a few tricks on it. One of the coolest tricks in wakeboarding is the Tailbone. With a lot of practice, a move like this can be easy, especially with a high quality liquid force wakeboard. You will need to learn how to do big wake airs and land smoothly on a consistent basis. You should approach the wake with good speed. And you should keep the rope taut and loaded. Jump when you hit the top of the wake. Straighten your back leg out when you are in the air, and grab the nose of your liquid force wakeboard while you are still "boned out". Return your legs to the normal position in order to land smoothly.

How do I choose a Liquid Force binding?

Choosing a Liquid Force Binding

There is a Liquid Force binding to meet every skill level. The Liquid Force boot matrix can be found on the Liquid Force website and can greatly simplify the process of choosing bindings. The red bars along the left hand side of the matrix correspond to different skill levels and the bindings shown on the matrix range in stiffness from softest on the left to stiffest on the right. To find suitable bindings, read the matrix upward to find the appropriate skill level and then across to find the desired level of stiffness.

If you are shopping in the store, talk to a store employee about proper bindings, or read the descriptions and look at the prices of bindings online before you buy.

What is the best Liquid Force wakeboard for beginners?

Liquid Force Wakeboards for Beginners

The Stance series is one of the best Liquid Force wakeboards for beginners. This wakeboard provides a wide base for maximum stability. Additionally, it has molded fins with tracking control capabilities for riders who are still learning the ins and outs of riding the wake. The Stance also features a quad channel hull with molded in fins. The advantage to this feature includes a predictable hold on the water giving new riders the confidence they need to excel.

Does Liquid Force make a wakeboard for kids?

Liquid Force Wakeboard for Kids

There is a Liquid Force wakeboard designed specifically for kids who can't wait to get out on the water. The Nemesis series from Liquid Force is ideal for kids who are just learning to wakeboard as well as kids who have a little more experience. The Nemesis is a shorter wakeboard featuring molded in fins and a rounded profile. The features of the Nemesis give kids a smooth, predictable and stable ride enabling them to work on their basic skills while on this board.

Does Liquid Force make Wakeboards for girls and women?

Liquid Force Wakeboards for Women

Girls and women who enjoy wakeboarding aren't left out by the Liquid Force line of wakeboards. They have a wakeboard available for the smallest girls just starting out all the way up to women with more than a few wakeboarding tricks up their sleeve. The Star 118 is perfect for young girls who are just starting out. As their skills progress they may step up to the Star 124 or a board from the Diva series. The Angel series wakeboards are responsive, smooth and fast making them ideal for experienced female wake boarders.

How should I choose wakeboard bindings?

Try on Wakeboard Bindings Before Purchasing Them

When it comes to wakeboard bindings, one of the most important elements is how the boot feels. It is highly recommended riders try on wakeboard bindings before making a purchase. While there may be elements of the bindings such as stiffness level, weight, support and responsiveness dictating the performance of the boot, if it isn't comfortable most riders won't spend much time in the bindings. For this reasons, riders should try on bindings before they make a purchase to ensure they will be comfortable during a full day of riding.

How do I use the Liquid Force Wakeboard matrix?

Navigating the Liquid Force Wakeboard Matrix

Deciding which Liquid Force wakeboard to choose can be a particularly tough decision. With so many models available, choosing the one that is right can be a difficult decision. Fortunately, Liquid force provides a matrix to help make this decision a little easier. This matrix enables wake boarders to use their proficiency level to determine which series of boards are right for them. To use the matrix, find the bar corresponding to your skill level and choose wakeboards aligned with the highest row on the bar. Once riders have a list of wakeboards appropriate for their level of expertise, they can investigate each model further to make an informed decision.

Which Liquid force bindings do you recommend for proficient female riders?

Wakeboard Bindings for Advanced Female Riders

Women who are looking for more out of their wakeboard bindings will enjoy the Minx from Liquid Force. It is easy to see why this boot, designed by Melissa Marquardt, is a favorite among female riders. This lightweight boot features a soft flex pattern as well as soft heel and toe pieces designed for performance. Also, the helium air-cell system is designed to absorb shock making this boot ideal for catching big air. The support system is customizable due to the duel lace system.

Which Liquid Force bindings do you recommend for beginners?

Liquid Force Bindings for Kids

Beginner wake boarders cannot go wrong with some of the softer models available from Liquid Force. The boys and girls Micro bindings are great choices for children who are just learning to wakeboard. These boots are highly adjustable ensuring they will fit even the youngest boys and girls and they are comfortable. Comfort is critical especially when it means the difference between a child learning to get up on the board and start riding the waves and wanting to go home because their feet hurt.

What are the top of the line wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force?

Top of the Line Liquid Force Wakeboard Bindings

The Shane, Transit and Watson are just three of the wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force used by some of the top competitive riders. Of the three, the Shane boot falls approximately in the middle on the softness to stiffness spectrum while the Transit and the Watson are some of the stiffest boots Liquid Force has to offer. The Shane is a closed toe boot. It is named for Shane Bonifay who requested a boot with lightweight support allowing for acute responses. The Watson boot was designed for Shawn Watson who was looking for a boot with the support and flex of the Transit but a lighter construction and more comfortable inner boot.

Where can I find information on Liquid Force brand wakeboards?

Finding Information on a Liquid Force Brand Wakeboard

The Liquid Force website is an excellent source for learning about their brand of wakeboards. This website will provide the most reliable information on their product line and its features. However, keep in mind that the focus of the manufacturers site is simply to provide information on their brand. If you want more objective information on wakeboard brands, searching for consumer reviews will provide a more rounded review of wakeboards including the features liked and disliked by consumers. Reviews from independent magazines can also be a reliable resource for researching products.

What Liquid Force bindings do you recommend for beginners?

Beginner Liquid Force Bindings

Adults who are looking to break into wakeboarding might enjoy the Switch boot from Liquid force bindings. These bindings are comfortable and durable making them ideal for beginner wake boarders. They are also highly versatile and can be easily adjusted and used my multiple riders. The Fusion is also an excellent beginner binding. This boot is even softer than the Switch with the ability to allow you to flex when needed.

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