Cross a Wake using a Liquid Force Wakeboard

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How do you cut across a wake using liquid force wakeboards?

Cross a Wake using a Liquid Force Wakeboard

Liquid force wakeboards are great to use if you want to cut across the wake. You should get comfortable on your board, and practice riding behind the boat while doing some small turns. Twist your hips so that the board maintains direction, but your upper body faces the boat. It helps to keep the handle close to your front, or lead, hip. Then you need to point the liquid force wakeboard in the direction you want to cross the wake. Remember to keep your knees bent and flexible in order to absorb the bumps as you cut the wake. Vary the speeds at which you cut the wake, in order to gain more experience. Once you feel comfortable, you can turn your hips and cut both wakes in one shot (one after the other).



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