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What kind of clothing does wakeboarding include?

Wakeboarding Gear: The Right Clothes

A huge part of wakeboarding gear is clothing. To look the part, you want to look at wakeboarding clothing ranging from the basic board shorts, shirts and/or sweatshirts to sandals and shoes. Wakeboard gear can be a wetsuit or rash guard as well. Hats, although probably considered an accessory can top off any wakeboarder, and don't forget sunglasses - the glare on water can be harmful to your eyes.

Are there any stylish wakeboard vests available?

Stylish Wakeboard Vests

Wakeboard vests are primarily a safety device. When choosing a vest, it is critical to choose a properly fitting vest. However, just because a vest fits properly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Most manufacturers of wakeboarding vests offer their vests in a variety of colors. Once the wake boarder finds a vest that fits well, they can investigate the color options available to him.

Why buy wakeboarding gear?

Wakeboarding gear and safety

There are many reasons to buy wakeboarding gear, and one such reason is a safety viewpoint. Having the proper wakeboard gear, wakeboard vests, and bindings is important to your safety. You should check out the wake board gear at various different shops before deciding what is right for you. Wakeboards gear is designed to help you in the sport as well, as it provides not only safety, but helps with balance and control as well. Wake board gear should be fully checked before you use it.

What is the most important piece of wakeboarding gear?

Wakeboarding Vests The Most Important Piece of Wakeboarding Equipment

The type and quality of wakeboard can impact the wake boarder's ability to ride and perform tricks. Similarly the boat, tow rope and bindings can all impact the quality of the ride. However, none of these pieces of wakeboarding gear are as important as wakeboarding vests. Wakeboarding vests may not improve the rider's abilities but it can save his life. Even if wakeboarding vests are not required, all riders should wear a Type III PFD when on the water for safety reasons.

Can you buy wakeboard gear on line?

Buying Wakeboard Gear on the Web

Wakeboard gear consists of most items you need, or just want to make your wakeboarding experience feel and look better. Any type of wakeboarding gear can be bought on the web. From wakeboard vests to gloves, ropes and handles and other wakeboard accessories, you can do your research and your buying from the comfort of your home. It can be a good idea to go to a store to try things on, especially items like bindings and vests, but its always worth the time to look on the web to find information and great deals.

Is wakeboard gear gender specific?

Wakeboard Gear Isn't Just for Men

Most manufacturers of wakeboard gear design specific pieces of gear just for women. There are wakeboards, vests, boots and other pieces of equipment designed and marketed as women's wakeboard gear but this does not mean women are restricted to these pieces of gear. It also does not mean men are restricted from using these types of gear. Gear designed specifically for women is comfortable for the majority of women but some women may prefer using gear designed for men or designed as unisex equipment. Likewise young boys may be more comfortable using gear designed for women.

Is it safe to buy used wakeboard gear?

Buying Used Wakeboard Gear

Purchasing used wakeboard gear can result in a significant cost savings. Wake boarders can usually find all types of previously owned gear available for purchase. In most cases there is nothing wrong with this gear but buyers should exercise caution before making a purchase. Verifying the condition of the equipment, reputation of the seller and authenticity of the equipment will help to prevent purchasing faulty equipment.

Where can I find a women’s wakeboard vest?

Finding a Women's Wakeboard Vest

When it comes to choosing a wakeboard vest, most women are safest and feel most comfortable in a women's vest. While other pieces of equipment may be unisex, safety precautions usually dictate women use a vest designed specifically for them. Most manufacturers of vests for wakeboarding such as Hyperlite and Liquid Force have vests designed specifically for women. These vests are usually shorter in length and cut to fit a woman's body better. This is important because a vest that is too loose may slip off in a fall.

How do I select a wakeboard vest?

Choosing a Wakeboard Vest

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a wakeboard vest. The most important factor to consider is the safety features of the vest. The primary function of wakeboarding vests is to prevent the rider from drowning in a fall. For this reason, wake boarders should choose a vest that fits them properly. Wakeboard vests are sized by weight and chest circumference and boarders should choose a vest for their proper weight range and chest measurement. It is also important to try on the wakeboarding vest. A good vest will fit snugly so it cannot slip over the head, not restrict movement of the arms and feel comfortable.

Are life vests required for wakeboard?

Wakeboard Vests Requirements

Most states require a Type III personal flotation device (PFD) for wakeboarding. However, boating laws vary by state so it is important to verify state laws before wakeboarding in a particular state. The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) provides information on state laws regarding boating. Whether they are required or not, wakeboard vests are always recommended.

Does wakeboarding gear make good gifts?

Giving Wakeboarding Gifts

Looking for a terrific gift idea for your wakeboarder? Wakeboard companies are always coming out with new wakeboarding gear and gadgets. Great gifts could include the newest wakeboarding rope and handle, or the newest and coolest wakeboarding dvd. You could also consider lessons, water sport sunglasses or a case of waterproof sunblock - a must have for your water sports enthusiast!

Where can I buy wakeboard gear?

Where to Buy Wakeboard Gear

Those in the market for wakeboard gear can find what they are looking for in a variety of locations. Specialty shops catering specifically to wakeboarders are the best option. Here buyers will find a large assortment of gear from a variety of manufactures as well as a knowledgeable staff. General sporting goods stores may also carry wakeboarding gear but will likely have limited inventory and the staff may not be particularly knowledgeable about wakeboards and other gear. Wakeboarders who have narrowed their search down to a particular manufacturer can purchase their gear directly from the manufacturer.

How do I choose wakeboard gear?

Finding the Right Wakeboard Gear

There is no magic formula for choosing wakeboard gear. There may be guidelines based on height, weight, riding style, ability or other personal characteristics but personal preference also plays a large part in the decision making process. Many wake boarders find trial and error to be the best way to choose the right equipment for them. If the gear retailers offer a trial period many wake boarders like to try out the equipment before making their final decision.

How do I know what size of wakeboarding vest to buy?

Choosing Properly Sized Wakeboarding Vests

The fit of wakeboarding vests is the most important feature of the vest. A vest that does not fit properly is not safe because it can come off in a fall. Adult vests are sized in terms of chest circumference. Children's vests are sized the same way but may also include weight restrictions. When choosing a wakeboarding vest it is important to choose a vest in the correct chest measurement range and also to try on the vest to ensure proper fit. Two different vests of the same chest measurement ranges may fit a wake boarder differently. For this reason it is important to try on the vests to see how they fit before making a purchase.

What wakeboarding gear should you avoid?

What to Avoid when Buying your Wakeboarding Gear

Try to use wakeboarding gear that fits you. If the board is too big it will be hard to control. If the wakeboard boots are to big your feet will come out too easily and cause you to fall. Make sure you use a floatation vest that fits you.

How does height factor into choosing wakeboard gear?

Should You Choose Wakeboard Gear Based on Height?

Height is an important factor to consider in choosing wakeboard gear but there are other considerations as well. The length of a wakeboard is most notably associated with height but other factors can override height. Most wakeboards come in a variety of lengths and for each length the manufacturer provides height range recommendations. Riding style may, however, dictate the use of a longer or shorter board than recommended for a particular height. A shorter board may allow for more control on complicated tricks while a longer board may provide a more comfortable landing on big air jumps.

Do I really need a vest?

Importance of Wakeboard Vests

Wakeboard vests are primarily for keeping you safe and making you float. But wakeboard gear life vests can be stylish and comfortable. Styles include the rock hard look of a molded vest or the comforting padding of a neoprene vest. Wakeboarding vests come in many colors. Have some fun and match your boat or board. You should ensure that the vest you choose is not too constrictive and does not impede movement.

Should I choose a wakeboard vest based on my height?

Considering Height in Choosing a Wakeboard Vest

The sizes on a wakeboard vest are based on chest circumference but the height of the rider can factor into the decision to purchase a particular vest. It is important to ensure wakeboarding vests fit snugly and will not slip off during a fall. The length of the vest is not considered to be a safety concern but it can be a comfort issue for the rider. In general a vest falling to hip level will be more comfortable and provide greater mobility. Vests designed specifically for women are generally shorter in length to accommodate smaller stature.

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