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Do I need wakeskate shoes?

Wakeskate Shoes Explained

Wakeskate shoes are not necessary. Some riders enjoy the freedom of riding barefoot while others opt not to purchase shoes specifically for wakeskating. However, shoes designed for use with a wakeskate can improve the quality of the rider's time spent on the water. Some of the beneficial features of wakeskate shoes include high traction soles, quick drying materials and holes to allow water to escape. These features can improve your riding and increase your comfort level while on the water.

What are some of the more difficult trick in wakeskating?

Difficult Wakeskating Tricks

Advanced wakeskating tricks consist of the "Frontside Bhref="igspin", "Toeside Shuvit To Indy" and the "Heelside Backside 180". Riders that have progressed this far can use their wakeskates to try the "Kickflip" and "Varial Flip" as well. Please remember to wear proper wakeskate shoes when attempting these tricks.

How long should wakeskates be?

Choosing a Wakeskate Length

When it comes to choosing a wakeskate length, height is certainly a consideration but it is not the only factor to consider before making a purchase. In general, longer wakeskates are designed for taller riders but taller riders may opt for a shorter board at times, and shorter riders may sometimes prefer a longer board. Besides height, skaters should also consider their ability and style. Longer boards are generally considered to be more stable. For this reason, beginner riders may prefer a longer board regardless of their height. Also, taller riders who enjoy performing tricks may opt for a shorter board because they are easier to maneuver while performing tricks.

How do beginners start wakeskating?

Wakeskateing for Beginners

Wakeskating beginners should use the on water wakeskate board method. It enables you to get up by laying back on the water and relaxing while the boat driver situates the boat. It may seem awkward at first but if you read an instructional for wakeskates, you will find that it is very simple.

Should I buy a concave or a flat wakeskate?

Deciding Between Concave and Flat Wakeskates

One of the major decisions facing wakeskaters is whether they should purchase concave or flat wakeskates. A concave wakeskate is thinner in the middle with thicker portions on either end of the skate. Many wakeskaters who enjoy performing tricks prefer the concave style of wakeskate because it allows for more foot contact. However, concave wakeskates are significantly more expensive than flat boards. The two types of wakeskates perform similarly on flat stretches. Wakeskaters who do not perform tricks may opt for a flat board to avoid paying more for features they won't use.

What is a wakeskate?

The Definition of the Wakeskate

A wakeskate is a binding-less wakeboard with smaller fins than normal. However, this definition of the wakeskate doesn't do the wakeskating sport justice. Wakeskating is a fast and furious sport, which is pumped full of adrenalin. A good wakeskate is essential to a good ride, and it can actually make or break your success as a wakeskater. The wakeskate is something you interact with, not something you simply stand on. It is only through a combination of poise, balance, and finesse that the wakeskate can be mastered.

What are hyperlite wakeskates?

Hyperlite Wakeskates

A hyperlite wakeskate is one of the most popular wakeskates with riders. Create a packaged deal when you add wakeskate shoes to the hyperlite wakeskate. Don't forget the wakeskate accessories to go with that.

What is the difference between a wakeskate and a wakeboard?

How a Wakeskate is Different from a Wakeboard

To the untrained eye the differences between a wakeskate and a wakeboard may not be immediately noticeable. This is because the boards used in these two sports are very similar. The primary differences are wakeskates are shorter in length than wakeboards, and wakeskates do not require bindings. A wakeboard also has a series of drilled holes necessary to attach the bindings to the board while a wakeskate has a slip resistant side instead of holes. This no skid surface is necessary because the rider is not attached to the board in any way.

What do you need to re-grip your deck?

Re-Gripping your Deck

Re-gripping tape on your wakeskate can be a simple process if you know the ins and outs. Grip tape, screwdriver, a razor blade and steady hands is required. Wakeskates deck need re-gripping from time to time when the grip wears down and becomes slippery. There are instructional videos you can rent or buy that will assist you in this wakeskating procedure.

How can I demonstrate my support for the sport of wakeskating?

Get Ready For National Wakeskate Day

Wakeskate enthusiasts can now demonstrate their support for the sport of wakeskating. Preparations for the first National Wakeskate are underway. This inaugural event will occur on June 30, 2006. Activities will be organized across the country in celebration of this day. Orlando, Florida, Austin, Texas and Southern California will be the main centers of activity. Planned events will likely include demonstrations aimed at increasing public awareness about the sport.

What is an Ollie?

Performing an Ollie

An Ollie in wakeskating is when the your pop the board into the air by pushing down on the back foot then jump up leading with the front foot. A wakeskate Ollie is just like a skateboarding Ollie. The Ollie is a major trick to master in the sport of wakeskates. Other tricks depend on the mechanics of the Ollie.

How do you use the underwater board method for wakeskating?

Using the Underwater Board Method

The board under water method is used by most experienced wakeskate riders. Wakeskating this way requires more balance while waiting for the boat to position. You're standing on the board, but the board will be submerged under the water. Reading or viewing an instructional for wakeskates will benefit you.

What method of getting up do you recommend for advanced wakeskaters?

The Board Under Water: Wakeskates

The board under water method of getting up on wakeskates is recommended for more experienced wakeskaters. This method involves more balance and control of the board. To begin this method, the skater positions the board perpendicular to the boat and stands on the board as he holds onto the tow line. A keen sense of balance is required before the boat begins to accelerate to keep the board in position. As the boat begins to accelerate the board will start to rise out of the water naturally. The skater keeps his knees slightly bent and pushes up through his heels to a standing position. As the wakeskate emerges from the water the skater puts added pressure on his rear foot and the board begins to rotate.

What is a wakeskate?


A wakeskate is a mixture of a wakeboard and a skateboard. Wakeskates don't have bindings. They are smaller and covered with grip tape or a sticky foam. The rider generally wears sneaker type wakeskate shoes to maintain a grip on the board.

What are the best wakeskate shoes?

Choosing Wakeskate Shoes

There are many types of wakeskate shoes available in a wide variety of price ranges. One mistake wakeskaters can make is assuming the most expensive shoes are the best. More expensive models may be constructed of higher quality of materials or have advanced features but if they don't fit correctly they will not be a worthwhile investment. Less expensive shoes are definitely worthwhile if they fit the rider better than the more expensive shoes.

Do you know what the best wakeskates are?

The Best Wakeskates

Perhaps one of the best wakeskates this year is the Catalyst, which has been given a revamped wakeskate design. It now covers every function a rider could need out of a wakeskate. Other good wakeskates include the hyperlite wakeskate models, which continue to be strong sellers. Wakeskating is a fun and enjoyable sport, and choosing the right wakeskate, wakeskate shoes, and wakeskate sock is important. If you are looking to buy some items for your wakeskating hobby then you should check out the nearest sports store that deals in wakeskating.

What method do you recommend for getting up on wakeskates?

Board On Water: Wakeskates

The board on the water method of getting up on wakeskates is fairly easy even for beginners. This method begins with the board perpendicular to the boat and the skater lying with his heels perpendicular to the board with the heels resting on the grip side of the board. The skater holds the tow line as the boat begins to accelerate. When the boat picks up speed, the board will rotate towards the skater. After the board rotates the skater bends the knees and crouches downward toward the board. Next the skater pushes upward to a standing position while exerting more pressure on the foot he wants to wind up in the back.

Does Hyperlite make a wakeskate shoe?

Is There a Hyperlite Wakeskate Shoe?

Many fans of wake sports enjoy many of the products offered by Hyperlite. Although Hyperlite manufactures and retails wakeskates, they do not manufacture a Hyperlite wakeskate shoes. Hyperlite fans that are looking for wakeskate shoes will have to try other retailers for their shoe needs. Other manufacturers such as Jet Pilot have wakeskate shoes available for purpose.

Do you have any inexpensive gift ideas for a wakeskating fanatic?

Wakeskate Gifts for Under $25

Buying gifts for wakeskate fans doesn't have to be difficult. Although wakeskating equipment can be expensive there are a variety of more affordable items suitable for gift giving. Some gift ideas include instructional videos, calendars featuring wakeskaters in action and t-shirts and hats from wakeskate manufacturers. These items can usually be found for less than $25 and make great gifts for wakeskate enthusiasts.

What factors should I use in choosing a Hyperlite wakeskate?

Purchasing a Hyperlite Wakeskate Based on Rider Profile

Hyperlite does not offer an extensive wakeskate line but choosing one can still be perplexing. Choosing the right Hyperlite wakeskate entails and honest evaluation of ability and style. Hyperlite has only five wakeskates in their 2006 lineup but each one is tailored for a specific type of rider. Before choosing one of their wakeskates, carefully review each of the available options to find out which one is most appropriate for your style.

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