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Can I find wakeboard DVDs at the library?

Finding a Wakeboard DVD at the Library

DVDs on wakeboarding may not be the most popular items at a local library but those who are interested may find a wakeboard DVD or two at their local library. They can, however, be hard to find especially in smaller libraries. Those who live in a small town might want to consider traveling to a larger nearby city to find a wakeboarding DVD. These larger libraries are more likely to have a more extensive selection. Because these items are not very common, calling ahead or using online catalogue systems is recommended to eliminate the need to drive to each individual library to search for a particular DVD.

How do I pick out a wakeboard DVD to give as a gift?

Giving a Wakeboard DVD as a Gift

Many wakeboarding enthusiasts will cherish a gift of a wakeboard DVD. The hard part in giving a gift of this nature is ensuring the recipient does not already have the particular video before giving the gift. To alleviate this concern, try researching the available options. Find a retailer offering a wide selection of wakeboard videos and give your friend or family member a gift certificate to this establishment. By researching the stores, you can ensure the retailer has a large selection of videos and by giving a gift certificate; the recipient has the freedom to choose a video they will really like.

What types of wakeboarding videos are available?

Types of Wakeboarding Videos Available

There are many different types of wakeboarding videos available. Instructional, competition, biographical and extreme are just a few of the types of videos available. Instructional videos may include those videos produced for the purpose of helping new riders learn to wakeboard as well as those produced for the purpose of helping intermediate riders improve on their skills. Competition videos feature highlights from professional or amateur competitions. Biographical videos often shed light on the personal and professional life of wakeboarders. Extreme videos feature the more outrageous side of wakeboarding.

What kind of wakeboarding DVD should you buy?

Looking for a Wakeboard DVD

If you are looking to buy a wakeboard DVD or a wake board video, then you should look out for the ones endorsed by (and starring) some of the famous riders in the sport. A wakeboarding DVD featuring someone like Shaun Murray is ideal for those who want the insider's scoop on how to do various tricks. You should also ask friends in the wakeboarding community if there is any particular wakeboard video or wake board DVD that they recommend.

How do I take pictures of wakeboarders?

Taking a Wakeboarding Picture

A wakeboarding picture can create a monumental memento but capturing the moment on film can be a difficult task. Like most sports, getting action shots of wakeboarders requires some practice as well as knowledge of the proper settings to use. Using the highest shutter speed available, will help the photographer to capture the action clearly. Slower shutter speeds can be used to create a dramatic effect where either the background or subject is blurred indicating the speed of the action. Those who plan to shoot the action from onboard should use a water resistance camera.

Where can you buy a good wakeboard DVD?

Buying a Wakeboard DVD or Video

There are many wakeboard DVDs and wakeboard videos for sale in various stores and on the Internet. A good wakeboard DVD or wakeboard video will often show repeats of past great contests. Other wake DVD or wake board video footage shows the tricks of the trade from various masters in the sport. If you want to watch a wake boarding video or wakeboarding DVD on technique and style, then you should ask your local wakeboard store for a recommendation of which cheap wakeboarding DVD or video footage they have available. Many people in the wakeboarding community swap items from their wakeboard video or wakeboard DVD collections in order to save money.

Where can I find wakeboard pictures online?

Finding a Wakeboard Picture Online

Finding a wakeboard picture online isn't as difficult as finding pictures you can legally download and use. Wakeboard manufacturers, wakeboard clubs and associations, and even individuals often post action shots of wakeboarders on their website. The website may indicate whether or not the pictures can be saved for personal use but if it does not it is worthwhile to contact the webmaster to determine whether or not it is acceptable to copy the pictures. In most cases, downloading these pictures is acceptable for personal use but not for the purpose of generating a profit.

Are there any wakeboard videos available online?

Finding a Short Wakeboard Video Online

Finding a short wakeboard video online is relatively easy. Many wakeboard manufacturers such as have short video clips available on their website. These videos are often free to view and may also be free to download. If the website does not indicate the videos are free to download, it is advisable to contact the webmaster to find out if downloading is permissible and if there are any restrictions on downloading the clips.

How do I choose an instructional wakeboarding video?

Choosing an Instructional Wakeboarding Video

Choosing an instructional wakeboard DVD or video involves comparing the different videos available on the market. Consumer reviews are an excellent resource for comparing videos because they offer an honest opinion of the product by those who have used the product. When reading reviews noting the general consensus in regard to the video will help make the decision easier. There may be one or two consumers offering a poor rating but if these ratings are in contradiction to many other ratings, they can be ignored.

Can I film my own wakeboarding videos?

Filming a Wakeboarding Video

Anyone can film their own wakeboarding video with only minimal equipment and training. The amount of effort required to film, edit and produce a video will depend largely on the purpose of filming the video. If the video is being filmed for personal use a great deal of advanced preparations and editing may not be involved and the video can be filmed with a single camera. If the video is being produced for commercial consumption it will likely be a more time consuming project. Commercial videos should be carefully planned out before filming begins to ensure everything to be included in the video is shot. It also may involve shooting the same shot from multiple angles to achieve the best possible results. Once filming is completed commercial videos may require extensive editing to ensure seamless transitions and excellent flow.

Should I try the maneuvers I see on wakeboarding videos?

Don't Try Daring Maneuvers

Watching a wakeboard video can be a very inspiring way to kick of the season but it can also lead many wakeboards to overestimate their abilities. When watching a wakeboarding video featuring professionals performing outrageous tricks it is important to remember these wakeboarders have been practicing for years. Trying new tricks on a wakeboard can be fun but when trying these tricks, it is important to know your capabilities. Advancing slowly and cautiously will help wakeboarders to improve their skills without risking unnecessary injury.

Where can I find affordable wakeboarding videos?

Finding an Affordable Wakeboard Video on eBay

Online auction sites and retailers can be a reliable resource for finding an affordable wakeboard video. Although there is no guarantee you will be able to find a specific wakeboarding video, it is highly likely you will find a sizable selection of videos at any given time. When purchasing a wakeboarding video online, following common sense practices is recommended. Buyers may find bargains but should be suspicious of deals seeming too good to be true. Buyers should also review the ratings of the seller before placing a bid to ensure the seller has a proven track record of describing products accurately and delivering them on time.

Where can I download wakeboard videos?

Downloading a Wakeboard Video

You can download wakeboard instructional videos online and watch from your computer. Retailers websites feature a variety of wakeboarding videos available for download. Some videos can be downloaded for as little as $1.99 and most videos cost under $4 to download. The videos available for download can also be purchased on DVD.

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