Do a Tailbone on a Liquid Force Wakeboard

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How do you do tricks on liquid force wakeboards?

Do a Tailbone on a Liquid Force Wakeboard

If you have invested in a good looking liquid force wakeboard, then you will probably want to learn how to do a few tricks on it. One of the coolest tricks in wakeboarding is the Tailbone. With a lot of practice, a move like this can be easy, especially with a high quality liquid force wakeboard. You will need to learn how to do big wake airs and land smoothly on a consistent basis. You should approach the wake with good speed. And you should keep the rope taut and loaded. Jump when you hit the top of the wake. Straighten your back leg out when you are in the air, and grab the nose of your liquid force wakeboard while you are still "boned out". Return your legs to the normal position in order to land smoothly.



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