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How should I set up my binding system?

Setting Up Wakeboard Boots for Maximum Performance

Individual riders who will not be sharing their wakeboard boots have the opportunity to set up their boots for maximum performance. Factors such as placement on the board, rotation and stance can be modified to allow the boarder to be comfortable on the board and perform to their potential. This means if a boarder prefers an unusually wide stance or a particularly narrow stance, the boots can be positioned on the board to accommodate this stance.

How do you choose a wakeboard boot?

Choosing a Wakeboard Boot

There are many styles, colors, and types of wakeboard boot and wakeboard boot manufacturer brands available. For those looking for a great wakeboard boot in the form of one that provides great support but with the contours and elastic overlay system combined, the Hyperlite High Back Wakeboard Boot is a solid choice, also the Liquid Force Alpha boot. However, there are many other boots to choose from as well. When looking for a boot, you should look for a mixture of strength and flexibility. Try on a few different types of wakeboard boot, ask for some expert advice, and take your time when coming to a decision - a good pair of wakeboarding boots are worth their weight in gold.

What is "hardware" on the wakeboard boot?

Boot Wakeboard Hardware

Wakeboard boot hardware keeps the binding pieces together and supports the side of the foot. Boot wakeboard hardware should support the foot by curving the arch. The wakeboarding boot hardware includes bolts that hold bindings to the board.

What can you tell me about hyperlite wakeboard?

Hyperlite Wakeboards and Boots

There are not only several types of the hyperlite wakeboard but different styles of the wakeboarding boot as well. The wakeboarding boot weights less than most. The designs for the wakeboard boot includes everyone - men, women and children.

What do I need to know about wakeboard boots?

Wakeboard Boots

Before you buy wakeboard boots there are several things to consider. Boots for your wakeboard consist of many parts including overlay, underlay, footbed, hardware, baseplate, and adjustment. Obviously, the fit is probably the most important thing! Consider all of these issues before you purchase wakeboarding boot.

What styles of wakeboot are available?

Choosing a Wakeboard Boot

The sport of wakeboarding is subject to the laws of fashion just as are many other sports. Nowhere, except the wakeboard itself, is this shown more clearly than in the wakeboard boot. Whether you want a hyperlite wakeboard boot, a liquid force wakeboarding boot, or some other form of boot, there is something out there to suit everybody's tastes. From children's boots to woman's wakeboard boot designs, there is a style that encompasses each gender and age group. That means that finding the right boot may take a while, but it also means that the wakeboard boot choices are extensive.

What is the difference between boots for my wakeboard and bindings?

Your Boots for Your Wakeboard Are Also Your Bindings

In snowboarding, boots and bindings are completely separate entities. However, wakeboarding boots and bindings are an integrated system. Wakeboard boots have what appears to be a small platform protruding from either side of the boot. This protrusion is the binding system which attaches the boot to the board. This binding system holds the boot firmly in place on the board. It can be adjusted to suite the stance of the boarders who will be using the board.

What does double-up mean?

Double-up and Wakeboards

Double-UP is when boats circles around and cross back over it's own wakes at about a 90-degree angle causing the wake to be twice the size. Having the right wakeboard boot and a hyperlite wakeboard that is created just for Double-Ups will help give them more air then normal. Also having a proper boot wakeboard is important for safety purposes.

What is the boot wakeboard problem?

Wakeboard Boot Challenges

Many wakeboard enthusiasts often complain of the pain they feel when wearing a wakeboard boot, or hyperlite wakeboard boot. Jarringly painful landings mean that a wakeboarding boot now has to cushion the impact, and wakeboard boot manufacturer companies are starting to address this problem. To help soften the impact of landing, wakeboard manufacturer HO Sports Inc. uses a proprietary, thermoset polyester-based polyurethane for wakeboard boot heelpads. This helps to keep the muscles and bones of wakeboarder's legs and knees in sporting fit shape. The heelpads help reduce heel, foot, leg, and hip pain.

What is footbed?


The wakeboard boot has a cushy part that supports the bottom of the foot absorbing shock while it secures. The wakeboarding boot footbed should hold the heel higher than the ball of the foot to relieve pressure on ankles and knees. Many footbeds have a ridge under the toes and an arch support to leverage the toeside edge of the boot wakeboard.

How can I set up wakeboard boots for several individuals of different sizes and with different styles?

Setting Up Wakeboard Boots for Multiple Boarders

Friends or family members who will be sharing wakeboard boots may have to make some compromises. Setting up wakeboarding equipment for individuals of similar heights and styles is obviously recommended but modifications can be made to accommodate a wider range of heights and riding styles. For example taller boarders may have to accept a slightly narrower stance than they would prefer while shorter boarders might use a slightly wider stance when sharing equipment. This compromise prevents either boarder from being forced to greatly alter their stance.

What wakeboard boots do you recommend for families?

Wakeboard Boots for Families

Wakeboard boots are highly versatile. Most of them can be adjusted to fit riders of different sizes and abilities. This can greatly reduce the cost of wakeboarding for families. Rather than purchasing equipment for each member of the family, several of the family members can share equipment and take advantage of the adjustment features of the boots. Families with older children may be able to purchase only one set of wakeboard boots but if the sizes of family members vary considerable there is still the opportunity to minimize the amount of boots purchased. For example families may purchase one set of boots for the parents and older children and another set for younger children.

What is the difference between overlay and under lay on wakeboard boots?

Overlays and Underlays on Wakeboard Boots

Wakeboard boot thick material overlay provides firm foot support by snugly holding the toe and heel together and pushing the heel down towards the board. The wakeboarding boot underlay is the soft material between the overlay and the top of the foot which prevent areas that pinch or bind.

What are the advantages of closed-toe boots?

Advantages of Closed-toe Boots

Although most wakeboard boots are open-toe design, some boot manufacturers carry few models of closed-toe boots. These boots are usually higher end models and can be more expensive than their open-to counterparts. The significant benefits of a closed-toe boot include:

• Better fit
• Better control
• Increased leverage
• Quick heel to toe and toe to heel responses

These advantages make closed-toe models ideal for tricks, jumps and speed. The additional control boarders experience in a closed-toe boot gives them the confidence to be more aggressive in their riding.

How do I buy boots for my wakeboard?

Buying Boots for Your Wakeboard

If you didn't purchase boots in a package with your wakeboard, you will have to make this purchase independently. This decision can be a difficult one particularly for new wake boarders who do not have a great deal of experience. The lack of experience can make it difficult for the wake boarder to know which style they prefer. Although buying boots for your wakeboard is largely a matter of personal preference, boarders should know what to look for in a boot. This includes level of stiffness, flexibility, responsiveness and comfort. Budget will also factor into the equation.

How do I buy wakeboard boots?

If the Wakeboard Boot Fits...

A well fitting wakeboard boot will greatly increase the comfort level for the wake boarder. Wakeboard boots are highly adjustable but not all boots will be comfortable for each rider. The adjustability of the boots makes it very likely that each boot will fit all of the wake boarders in the boat. However, not all wake boarders will be comfortable wearing this boot. Before purchasing a boot, the wake boarder should try on the boot and move as if they were out on the water. This will give the boarder a good indication of how responsive the boot is as well as how comfortable it is.

Where can I find closed-toe boots for wakeboard?

Closed-Toe Boots for Wakeboarding

Closed-toe boots are not the most popular models in wakeboarding but they are still readily available. Consumers can find closed-toe boots just about anywhere they can find open-toe models. Most major manufacturers of wakeboarding boots have at least one closed-toe model. These boots can be purchased directly through the manufacturer either online or through a telephone system. Sporting goods stores also usually carry closed-toe boots. The selection may be limited but there will likely be at least one model. Used and discounted closed-toe boots may also be found on eBay or other Internet websites.

Are there any tricks for using the Hyperlite boot website?

Finding a Hyperlite Boot for Women or Children on Their Website

Hyperlite offers a wide assortment of wakeboarding boots. Included in this assortment are boots designed specifically for women and children. As visitors to the website click on each hyperlite boot they are taken to a new webpage offering statistical information on the boot they selected. While this information is helpful, women and children may have to wade through several boots inappropriate for them before finding appropriate boots. To eliminate this problem, Hyperlite has small icons indicating women and children. As the user runs their mouse over each respective icon, the boots available for women or children are highlighted through the use of brackets around the name. This provides a simple way for users to quickly see which boots are designed for women or children.

How far apart should I set my wakeboard boots?

Positioning Wakeboard Boots to Suit Your Stance

The correct positioning for wakeboard boots on the board is not a standard formula. Two boarders of identical heights and with similar riding styles may prefer vastly different stances. The most important aspect of the stance is how comfortable the rider feels in the stance. Comfort translates to performance in wakeboarding. Boarders may try out several different stances before finding the one that suits them best.

Can I modify the stance on my wakeboard after I have installed the boots?

Modifying Stance of Wakeboarding Boots

The positioning of wakeboarding boots is highly customizable. Boarders can easily position and reposition the boots as they grow or improve. This is an ideal scenario because it does not force boarders to have to purchase new equipment as they become more technically advanced on the water. Beginners may prefer a wider stance which is more stable but once they gain confidence and improve their skills they may opt for a narrower stance which will allow for quicker reactions.

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