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Do they have children wet suits?

Kids Wet Suits

The best kid wet suits are one-piece and offer 99% UV protection. The wet suit has an ultra comfortable sleek-and-stretchy shape for swimming, surfing, and water play. Try looking for a local wet suit sale.

What should you spend on a wet suit?

Prices and Types of Wet Suits

Whether you are out to purchase a kid wet suit, a womens wet suit, or a normal wet suit, there are many options you have to consider. You should try on many different wet suit brands, and see which one fits best. You should look for a snug fit, as all wet suits expand a little with usage. Never buy a wet suit that bags around the wrists or ankles. The prices of wet suits vary, and this is something else you will need to consider when buying a wet suit. For example, an inexpensive shorty costs about $60, while a better-quality one may be $100. If you are looking for an inexpensive full suit, you can expect to pay around $150 to $200. However, a top-quality full suit will set you back $250 to $350. Make sure that you ask the assistant for advice, and never purchase a wet suit unless it feels completely right.

What is the purpose of a wet suit?


A wet suit protects against the elements. As well as keeping the wind off your bare skin and holding in warmth, a wet suit allows you to prolong the riding season or get an early start on one. A womens wet suit can cover all or part of the body. kid wet suits usually do not cover the entire body.

How do I store a wet suit?

Storage for a Wet Suit

Storage is important. Men and womens wet suit and even kid wet suits need to be stored correctly. Thoroughly rinse your wet suit with water after use, especially those exposed to salt water. Turn it inside-out temporarily after rinsing until it is completely dry. Never store a wet suit before it is completely dry. Once dry, turn it right-side-out to avoid stress on the seams and material. Hang the suit on a wide hanger. The thicker the hanger, the better.

Do I need to care for the zipper on my wet suit?

Wet Suit Zipper Care

A wet suit zipper's life will be prolonged if you lightly lubricate the teeth of the dry zipper. There is a product called Zip Care, which cleans and lubricates plastic, nylon, or metal zippers. Look for it in a wet suit review, directory or it sometimes can be found in water sports catalogs. A beeswax or paraffin will also usually do for lubrication.

Do wet suits have accessories?

Wet Suit Accessories

If you hit a wet suit sale, consider picking up accessories. Maybe a wet suit shoulder extension for your "farmer" suit. Kids wet suits take a beating - tend to their zippers and mend their tears with lubricates for zippers and a neoprene repair kit.

What other things should I consider when buying a wet suit?

The Finer Points of Choosing a Wet Suit

When you see a wet suit for sale, there is more to consider than just the thickness of the material. You should also consider what you need the wet suit for. If you need a wet suit that allows maximum freedom, then a shorty (one with cut off arms and legs) might be best. However, if you are looking for a suit to use in cold water, then you will need to look at a full suit, which covers you from ankle to wrist. A farmer john is a wet suit that has full legs and no arms. It's favored by paddlers and is the bottom layer for scuba divers. You should always inspect the seams of a wet suit when you go to purchase it. The better the construction, the warmer the suit will be. You should also read a wet suit review to see which wet suits are currently rated highly.

What styles do wet suits come in?

Dry Suits

Dry suits work great when the water and air are pretty cold. When using a dry suit wear fleece or cotton sweats under the suit. The suit uses thin rubber "seals" around the neck, wrists, and ankles. Before buying, do a complete wet suit review.

What type of wet suit should you buy?

How to Buy a Wet Suit

If you want to buy a wet suit, a kid wet suit, or a women's wet suit, then there are some things you will need to consider. You need to clearly understand the relationship between suit thickness, designated in millimeters, and body warmth. For water that is 50 to 60 degrees, you would be best suited to a 4-3 full suit, which is 4mm thick in the body, and 3mm thick in the arms and legs. If you rarely see water this cold, you can get away with a 1 or 2mm wet suit. However, if you think you will be in very cold water, you should look into a wet suit that has a thickness of around 5mm (a hooded one is best).

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