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Should I buy a concave or a flat wakeskate?

Deciding Between Concave and Flat Wakeskates

One of the major decisions facing wakeskaters is whether they should purchase concave or flat wakeskates. A concave wakeskate is thinner in the middle with thicker portions on either end of the skate. Many wakeskaters who enjoy performing tricks prefer the concave style of wakeskate because it allows for more foot contact. However, concave wakeskates are significantly more expensive than flat boards. The two types of wakeskates perform similarly on flat stretches. Wakeskaters who do not perform tricks may opt for a flat board to avoid paying more for features they won't use.

How long should wakeskates be?

Choosing a Wakeskate Length

When it comes to choosing a wakeskate length, height is certainly a consideration but it is not the only factor to consider before making a purchase. In general, longer wakeskates are designed for taller riders but taller riders may opt for a shorter board at times, and shorter riders may sometimes prefer a longer board. Besides height, skaters should also consider their ability and style. Longer boards are generally considered to be more stable. For this reason, beginner riders may prefer a longer board regardless of their height. Also, taller riders who enjoy performing tricks may opt for a shorter board because they are easier to maneuver while performing tricks.

Do you have any inexpensive gift ideas for a wakeskating fanatic?

Wakeskate Gifts for Under $25

Buying gifts for wakeskate fans doesn't have to be difficult. Although wakeskating equipment can be expensive there are a variety of more affordable items suitable for gift giving. Some gift ideas include instructional videos, calendars featuring wakeskaters in action and t-shirts and hats from wakeskate manufacturers. These items can usually be found for less than $25 and make great gifts for wakeskate enthusiasts.

How can I demonstrate my support for the sport of wakeskating?

Get Ready For National Wakeskate Day

Wakeskate enthusiasts can now demonstrate their support for the sport of wakeskating. Preparations for the first National Wakeskate are underway. This inaugural event will occur on June 30, 2006. Activities will be organized across the country in celebration of this day. Orlando, Florida, Austin, Texas and Southern California will be the main centers of activity. Planned events will likely include demonstrations aimed at increasing public awareness about the sport.

Does Hyperlite make a wakeskate shoe?

Is There a Hyperlite Wakeskate Shoe?

Many fans of wake sports enjoy many of the products offered by Hyperlite. Although Hyperlite manufactures and retails wakeskates, they do not manufacture a Hyperlite wakeskate shoes. Hyperlite fans that are looking for wakeskate shoes will have to try other retailers for their shoe needs. Other manufacturers such as Jet Pilot have wakeskate shoes available for purpose.

What are the best wakeskate shoes?

Choosing Wakeskate Shoes

There are many types of wakeskate shoes available in a wide variety of price ranges. One mistake wakeskaters can make is assuming the most expensive shoes are the best. More expensive models may be constructed of higher quality of materials or have advanced features but if they don't fit correctly they will not be a worthwhile investment. Less expensive shoes are definitely worthwhile if they fit the rider better than the more expensive shoes.

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