Water skiing vs. Wakeboarding

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What is the distinction between water skiing and wakeboarding?

Water skiing vs. Wakeboarding

If you enjoy water sports, and you are an accomplished water skiier, you may be wondering if wakeboarding is the next water sport for you to tackle. Wakeboarding is essentially water skiing on a small surf board with foot straps or boots. Wakeboarding can be done with inexpensive boats and at slower speeds than water skiiing. Wakeboarding is considered less fatiguing but is sometimes considered higher impact. The Wakeboarders out there will also tell you that you can have a lot more fun on a wakeboard - doing better and more exciting tricks. Ultimately, the choice between water skiing and wakeboarding is simply one of preference.



8/21/2006 2:48:45 PM
Chris Fry said:

I have a question actually. I would like to try wakeboarding and we have a boat, but no tower. Is this do-able or is a tower a must when wakeboarding?


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