Doing 180 Air Wakeboarding Trick

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How do you do 180 Air while wakeboarding?

Doing 180 Air Wakeboarding Trick

Perhaps one of the best tricks to learn when you are wakeboarding is how to do 180 Air. If you can do a bunny hop while wakeboarding, then you are all set to learn how to catch proper air. You need to get comfortable riding in and out of the wake, and jumping off it. Good wakeboarding tips include practicing how to ride fakie, and learning how to keep perfect balance. You will need to ride outside the wake on your heel side. Approach the wake as if you're going to get air off it. The next step is to wind up your body in the opposite way from the way you are going to twist. Unwind your body when you reach the wake, and then start your jump. This is where the bunny hop comes in. Pull up your knees and turn 180 degrees by using the momentum you have created.



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