Front Side Back Rolls While Wakeboarding

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How do you do a front side back roll while wakeboarding?

Front Side Back Rolls While Wakeboarding

If you are wakeboarding on a regular basis, have received some tips on wakeboarding, and are looking to extend your repertoire of tricks, then you might consider learning how to do a front side back roll. You should ride toe side, and approach from 10 to 15 feet outside the wake. You will need to ride hard on the edge that is closest to the wake. Then you should cut hard towards the wake. Don't lean too far forward or backward when wakeboarding this trick. You should aim to have your board balanced. As you launch off the lip of the wake, point the nose of your board up and away from the boat. You will then need to throw your head back as you launch off the top of the wake, keeping your eyes back and over your right shoulder. Then all you need to do is roll in the air then land.



8/14/2006 4:47:43 PM
brent said:

explain how to do the roll not just tell us how to go into the wake and how 2 land


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