The Basics of Wakeboarding with a Hyperlite Board

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Do you know the basics of how to Hyperlite wake?

The Basics of Wakeboarding with a Hyperlite Board

If you want to learn to "wake", you can use many techniques and strategies. A hyperlite wakeboard is a great board on which to learn. Remember, you need to keep the Hyperlite wakeboard straight initially, in order to find your feet, so to speak. You should hold the handle next to your lead hip. Once comfortable, you should do small turns with your Hyperlite wakeboard to get a feel for the edge of the board on the water. The next stage is to ride out and over the edge of the wake you have created. Keep repeating this until you can do it faster and faster each time. Then just lean back and pop up - now you've done a bunny hop!



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