Hyperlite Wakeboard Introduction

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What are Hyperlite Wakeboards?

Hyperlite Wakeboard Introduction

Hyperlite wakeboards are buoyant boards resembling surfboards, but designed to go either direction. They are usually designed to be used when being pulled at about 20 mph behind a speed boat.

Hyperlite wakeboards are usually outfitted with an EVA rubber boot similar to those on snowboards. There are many styles of wakeboards you can choose from. You should do your research online, or in a store to make sure you pick the best wakeboard for you.



4/23/2007 11:08:09 AM
Ben said:

are u stupid it is nothing like surfing or snowboarding and a wakeboat is way better then a speed boat

6/26/2007 6:55:59 PM
Kaitlyn said:

This was helpful
But not as helping
as it could be =p


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