Getting a Bigger Wake

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How do I get a bigger wake when wakeboarding?

Getting a Bigger Wake

Everyone is always asking how to get a bigger wake. There are several things you can do to achieve this depending on your boat arrangement. The simplest thing you can do is getting everybody in the boat to sit or stand in the back. This obviously puts all the weight in the back and forms a bigger wake. If your boat is of any size, this won't work as well. Another common method is using "Fat Sacks." Fat Sacks are large rubber reservoirs that can be filled up with water and placed in the back of the boat. They come in all different sizes so you can fit them in any boat. Other methods include putting cinder blocks in the back, or Tupperware containers filled with cement. Remember though that weighing down just the back might not work. The boat will be going slow and the bow will be way up in the air. So whatever amount of weight you put in the back, put a little in the front to so that the boat is not way off balance. One other thing that no one thinks of is the rope length. You might be too far out and not getting the biggest area of the wake. So play with the rope length and try and get yourself where the wake peaks.



1/29/2007 7:32:35 PM
parks said:

is it just me or is puting cinder blocks in the back of a boat a little dangerous

2/27/2009 8:03:17 AM
Tyler said:

The weight needs to be evenly distributed in the boat. If you have all the weight in the back the wake will get wide or curl to soon. If its evenly distributed the wake will stay long and clean.


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