Getting Up on Your Wakeboard for the First Time

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What is the easiest way to start and get out of the water?

Getting Up on Your Wakeboard for the First Time

One of the easiest ways to get up on your wakeboard the first time is to sit or lie in the water with your knees bent and have the board parallel with the boat. Instead of starting out slowly, have the driver accelerate so the boat has enough power to pull you up. Note: This will take a few times for the driver to figure out the right speed. This will have the effect of "popping" you out of the water. Once you start to feel the pressure on your legs so the tip is out of water. You have to do this right when you feel pressure because there is too much drag when the board is parallel. Once the tip is up, stand up and hold the rope close to you and keep your weight on the back foot so you are not pulled forward. Stay in this position until you are all the way up and the boat is going fast enough. Now you can begin to turn and have fun.



7/17/2006 2:50:49 PM
hj said:

ntil you head dive into the wake and get a lung full of water not for anyone who has any weight o them say over 160

9/9/2006 4:12:15 PM
Bryan said:

I went wakeboarding for the first time last month. I snowboard, so once I finally got up it felt natural and was easy. The hard part was getting up. After several failed attempts of having the boat accelerate quickly to pull me up, I had the driver just pull me along at a snail's pace. It was not enough speed to be able to get up out of the water, but it allowed me to get the feel of what I was supposed to do in slow-motion. After I thought I had the feel of it, we tried at full-speed and I was up!

5/19/2007 3:13:52 PM
lolo said:

its easy peasy.

7/11/2007 3:05:34 PM
ernie said:

so ya have fun meens being able to get up, your gettin your readers hopes up when they read that if they get up on the board it will allow them to be able to do tricks i am sure half the people that read the crap advice you just gave won't be able to get up on the board if their life depended on it!


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