Wake Board Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to start and get out of the water?

How do I start in the water?

How can I get up when I am wakeboarding for the first time?

How do I choose the right wakeboard bindings for me?

How do I jump a wake in wakeboarding?

How do I jump a wake in wakeboarding?

How do I complete an Ollie Blind 180?

How can I do a Power Slide wakeboarding trick?

How long should a wakeboard rope be?

How do I do a Surface 180 wakeboarding trick?

Should I wear wakeboarding gloves?

How do I get a bigger wake when wakeboarding?

How can I execute a Heelside 360?

How do I use the Liquid Force Wakeboard matrix?

Does Liquid Force make Wakeboards for girls and women?

How do I choose a Liquid Force binding?

Which Liquid Force bindings do you recommend for beginners?

What Liquid Force bindings do you recommend for beginners?

Where can I find information on Liquid Force brand wakeboards?

Which Liquid force bindings do you recommend for proficient female riders?

What are the top of the line wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force?

How should I choose wakeboard bindings?

What is the best Liquid Force wakeboard for beginners?

Does Liquid Force make a wakeboard for kids?

How much do Hyperlite bindings cost?

Can I find information on Hyperlite wakeboards online?

Where can I find a cheap wakeboard binding?

How can I find affordable Hyperlite wakeboards?

How important is comfort in Hyperlite bindings?

Does Hyperlite have wakeboards designed specifically for women?

What type of Hyperlite wakeboard do you recommend for beginners?

What type of Hyperlite wakeboard do you recommend for trick riding?

Is there a versatile Hyperlite wakeboard?

While Hyperlite wakeboard is best for speed?

Should I buy a used Hyperlite wakeboard online?

What is the safest type of boat for wakesurfing?

How do I choose a wake surf instructor?

Does Liquid Force manufacture wakesurf boards?

How do I control my speed while wakesurfing?

How do I get up on a wakesurf board?

How are wakesurfing competitions judged?

What are the different types of wakesurf boards?

How do I know which foot to put forward when I wakesurf?

How do I know when to release the tow line while wakesurfing?

Why do I need ballast when wakesurfing?

Are teak dragging and wakesurfing the same thing?

Can I find wakeboard DVDs at the library?

Where can I find affordable wakeboarding videos?

What types of wakeboarding videos are available?

How do I choose an instructional wakeboarding video?

Should I try the maneuvers I see on wakeboarding videos?

Where can I download wakeboard videos?

Where can I find wakeboard pictures online?

How do I take pictures of wakeboarders?

Are there any wakeboard videos available online?

How do I pick out a wakeboard DVD to give as a gift?

Can I film my own wakeboarding videos?

What is the most important piece of wakeboarding gear?

Where can I find a women’s wakeboard vest?

How do I know what size of wakeboarding vest to buy?

Is wakeboard gear gender specific?

How do I choose wakeboard gear?

Should I choose a wakeboard vest based on my height?

Are there any stylish wakeboard vests available?

Is it safe to buy used wakeboard gear?

What materials do you recommend for wakeboard ropes?

How long should my wakeboarding rope be?

Are wakeboard handles comfortable?

Do I need an adjustable wakeboard rope?

How can I keep my wakeboarding rope in top shape?

Should I buy more than one wakeboard rope?

What is the proper way to pull in a wakeboarding rope?

How do I untie knots in a wakeboard rope?

Does Liquid Force make wakeboard handles for women?

Are wakeboard handles available in multiple colors?

Can I use my wakeboard rope for wake surfing?

How can express my style while wakeboarding?

Are there any wakeboarding accessories available for travel?

Can I save money with wakeboard packages?

Are there any functional wakeboard accessories?

Do I have to wear wakeboarding clothes to fit in with other wake boarders?

Do you have any suggestions for listening to music while riding in a wakeboarding boat?

Are there any wakeboard accessories for evenings?

Is there a convenient way to store tubes while on a wakeboarding adventure?

What do I do with the extra wakeboards while out on the water?

I keep walking into the tower; how can I avoid this?

What can I give a friend who enjoys wakeboarding for his birthday?

How do I buy wakeboard boots?

How do I buy boots for my wakeboard?

Are there any tricks for using the Hyperlite boot website?

What wakeboard boots do you recommend for families?

What are the advantages of closed-toe boots?

Where can I find closed-toe boots for wakeboard?

What is the difference between boots for my wakeboard and bindings?

How should I set up my binding system?

How can I set up wakeboard boots for several individuals of different sizes and with different styles?

Can I modify the stance on my wakeboard after I have installed the boots?

How far apart should I set my wakeboard boots?

What method do you recommend for getting up on wakeskates?

What method of getting up do you recommend for advanced wakeskaters?

What factors should I use in choosing a Hyperlite wakeskate?

What are the best wakeskate shoes?

Does Hyperlite make a wakeskate shoe?

How can I demonstrate my support for the sport of wakeskating?

Do you have any inexpensive gift ideas for a wakeskating fanatic?

Should I buy a concave or a flat wakeskate?

What are Hyperlite Wakeboards?

How do you use a Hyperlite Wakeboard?

Do you know the basics of how to Hyperlite wake?

What hyperlite gear should you buy?

Want to know hyperlite wakeboarding tricks?

Do you know what liquid force wakeboards are?

How do you do tricks on liquid force wakeboards?

How do you cut across a wake using liquid force wakeboards?

What came first - wakeboarding or wake surfing?

Why should you get involved in wake surfing?

Where can I buy a wakeboard?

What do I look for in wakeboard reviews?

What is a rail slide on a wakeboard?

What should you look for in a wakeboard shop?

What wakeboard products do you need?

What are wakeboard bindings?

How do I use wakeboard bindings?

What's the definition of wakeboard bindings?

How do you size wakeboard bindings?

Should you buy a used or a new wakeboard boat?

Why should I buy a wakeboard boat from Sanger?

What do should you look for when buying a wakeboard boat?

What are the dangers you should look out for when buying a wakeboard boat?

Where can you buy a good wakeboard DVD?

What kind of wakeboarding DVD should you buy?

What is an all girl wakeboarding event?

What is the WWA and how does it affect a wakeboarding event?

What is the Roxi pro annual wakeboarding event?

Why buy wakeboarding gear?

What wakeboarding gear should you avoid?

Can you buy wakeboard gear on line?

Does wakeboarding gear make good gifts?

Do I really need a vest?

What kind of clothing does wakeboarding include?

How do you do a front side back roll while wakeboarding?

How can you learn how to do tricks while wakeboarding?

How do you do a side slide while wakeboarding?

How do you do 180 Air while wakeboarding?

How can you double up when wakeboarding?

What is wakeboarding?

What are the names of some wakeboarding tips?

What can I do during the wakeboarding off season?

What are some tips for "Heelside tricks"?

What is the distinction between water skiing and wakeboarding?

What do you have for information on wakeboarding available?

What are the most important wakeboard accessories?

What are popular wakeboard accessories?

What type of personal wakeboard accessories are there?

What kind of wakeboard accessories are there?

Are fins important as a wakeboard accessory?

Are wakeboard helmets really important?

What kind of wakeboard boat accessory is out there?

Are there any miscellaneous wakeboard boat accessory available?.

What are fat snacks?

What is the boot wakeboard problem?

How do you choose a wakeboard boot?

What styles of wakeboot are available?

What do I need to know about wakeboard boots?

What is the difference between overlay and under lay on wakeboard boots?

What is "hardware" on the wakeboard boot?

What is footbed?

What can you tell me about hyperlite wakeboard?

What does double-up mean?

Why do you need a wakeboard rope?

What wakeboard rope should you choose?

What size are wakeboard ropes?

What kind of material is wakeboard ropes made out of?

What about the "handles" on the wakeboard ropes

What do ropes and handles cost?

Can you cut ropes to your own size?

What can you tell me about hyperlite rope?

Do you know what the best wakeskates are?

What is a wakeskate?

How do beginners start wakeskating?

How do you use the underwater board method for wakeskating?

What is an Ollie?

What are some of the more difficult trick in wakeskating?

What do you need to re-grip your deck?

What are hyperlite wakeskates?

What is a wake surf board used for?

How do you get started in wake surfing?

When should you not surf behind a boat?

How do I wakesurf?

What are the names of some wakesurfing tricks?

How do judges look for in a competition

What are some wake surfing terms?

What is a ballast in wake surfing?

How do a choose a wake board for me?

What type of wet suit should you buy?

What other things should I consider when buying a wet suit?

What should you spend on a wet suit?

What is the purpose of a wet suit?

How do I store a wet suit?

Do I need to care for the zipper on my wet suit?

Do they have children wet suits?

What styles do wet suits come in?

Do wet suits have accessories?

Recent Wake Board Questions

Q. Is it easier to board with or without the removable fins. I currently use the fins but I see many that don`t have them on thier boards. What is the advantage/disadvantage to having them.
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Q. Can you ride your wakeboard off ramps without fins or do you have to have those real thin fins?
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Q. Hello. I was just wondering what trick should you try next after the ollie? Also is it common for injuries when you wake board? I always try to strech out first.
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Q. hey,
i was wondering if it was possible to have a jetski pull you when ur wakeboarding and i was wondering how many mph whatever is pulling you is supposed to go?

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Q. when i go to jump the wake it all happens so fast i think the nose of my board is just sticking into the wake when i try to jump it. what could be going wrong?
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Q. how much does it help to have a tower?
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Q. hey,
what is abou the avrage lenth the roap should be when yer wakeboarding?
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Q. I`m having trouble clearing the whole wake, im getting about half way and im going like 25 mph how do i jump the whole wake. And how do you ollie
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Q. I have been a slalom skier all of my life and recently I purchased a CWB Flame board with Torq bindings. I adjusted the bindings so that they were pointed at slight outward angles and in the middle from front to back. Here is my problem, I was able to get up on my first try and have had no problems with starting since but my dilema comes once I get up. I have had the boat going around 20-22mph and the board feels like it wants to do a 180 on me. Actually it did on my 2nd try while just getting out of tthe water and the spill was nasty! What am I doing that makes the board want to slide around on me? Do I need to lean back more, adjust the bindings differently, etc.? Man I love this sport, it`s much more fun than skiing, if you can give any advice I`d appreciate it...Thanks
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Q. I am a beginner, how do I ollie a wakeboard. Also when you jump a wake for the first time, by keeping edge, do you mean stay on your front toes or back heels?

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Q. Do I need to buy one of the towers to wakeboard or can i just use the normal conection for my rope that i use fo water skis?
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Q. Can you use a wakeboard also for kiting? With other bindings? Because if you do bothes, than it`s easier to buy just one board...
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Q. I am not sure what Skill level i am and i need to buy a board! i have upgraded my boat pole and have sold my old begginers board! should i now get something like a intermediate and then an advanced? will i be able to do things like backflips on an intermediate board? i am looking at the CWB Tattoo with Torq bindings is that ok?
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