Wakesurfing Tricks

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What are the names of some wakesurfing tricks?

Wakesurfing Tricks

There are numerous tricks you can do with a wake surf board. Pumping is a great one for imcreasing your speed - you basically push down and let up with your front foot on the wakesurf board and by turning in and out of the wake, you gain speed. Another fun wake surfing trick is the fire hydrant. In this trick you put your hand on the front of the board and take your front foot off the board. The Floater is another popular maneuver where the rider literally appears to float on top of a wake and if you turn sideways you are performing a lip slide.



9/2/2008 5:56:21 PM
paul swesey said:

these tricks are gay come ride with me some time and ill teach you how to ride 425 220 9776


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