Dealing with Knots in a Wakeboard Rope

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How do I untie knots in a wakeboard rope?

Dealing with Knots in a Wakeboard Rope

Knots are to be expected in a wakeboard rope but the key is knowing how to deal with knots when they occur. The existence of knots can result in the deterioration of the rope. For this reason it is important to remove the knots promptly. The following tips are useful for dealing with knots in a wakeboarding rope.

• Remove knots promptly to avoid excessive tightening. Knots become difficult to remove if the knotted rope has been used to tow a wake boarder.
• Stubborn knots can be loosened by tapping the knot lightly with a hammer or other heavy object.
• Insert a pointed object under the knot and move the object in increasingly wide circles until the knot loosens.



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