Teak Dragging is Not Wakesurfing

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Are teak dragging and wakesurfing the same thing?

Teak Dragging is Not Wakesurfing

It is important to recognize the distinction between teak dragging and wakesurfing. Many people mistakenly confuse the two but in actuality they are completely different. Wakesurfing involves riding on wakesurf boards in the wake of a boat moving at a moderate pace. The riders are sufficiently far enough from the boat to be safe from noxious fumes and other hazards. Teak dragging is a dangerous practice of body surfing while holding onto the swim platform of a boat in motion. This practice puts the surfer in dangerous proximity to carbon monoxide fumes as well as the boat's propellers.



1/14/2008 6:35:32 PM
Sean said:

Thanks I didn't know the difference


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