Using Ballast to Create a Wake to Wakesurf

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Why do I need ballast when wakesurfing?

Using Ballast to Create a Wake to Wakesurf

Wakesurfing is a sport involving riding the wake left by a boat. Ballast is used to create this wake necessary to wakesurf. The ballast causes the boat to sit lower in the water and create a wave behind the boat. Determining how much ballast to use is largely a matter of personal preference. Ballast on the front end of the boat will create long and short waves while ballast on the back end will create short and high waves. In general the majority of the ballast should be water with only a small portion of the ballast comprised of solid materials. This is important because the boat may swamp with water ballast but it is more likely to sink with solid ballast. Neither is an ideal situation but swamping is preferred to sinking.



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