Prices and Types of Wet Suits

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What should you spend on a wet suit?

Prices and Types of Wet Suits

Whether you are out to purchase a kid wet suit, a womens wet suit, or a normal wet suit, there are many options you have to consider. You should try on many different wet suit brands, and see which one fits best. You should look for a snug fit, as all wet suits expand a little with usage. Never buy a wet suit that bags around the wrists or ankles. The prices of wet suits vary, and this is something else you will need to consider when buying a wet suit. For example, an inexpensive shorty costs about $60, while a better-quality one may be $100. If you are looking for an inexpensive full suit, you can expect to pay around $150 to $200. However, a top-quality full suit will set you back $250 to $350. Make sure that you ask the assistant for advice, and never purchase a wet suit unless it feels completely right.



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