The Finer Points of Choosing a Wet Suit

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What other things should I consider when buying a wet suit?

The Finer Points of Choosing a Wet Suit

When you see a wet suit for sale, there is more to consider than just the thickness of the material. You should also consider what you need the wet suit for. If you need a wet suit that allows maximum freedom, then a shorty (one with cut off arms and legs) might be best. However, if you are looking for a suit to use in cold water, then you will need to look at a full suit, which covers you from ankle to wrist. A farmer john is a wet suit that has full legs and no arms. It's favored by paddlers and is the bottom layer for scuba divers. You should always inspect the seams of a wet suit when you go to purchase it. The better the construction, the warmer the suit will be. You should also read a wet suit review to see which wet suits are currently rated highly.



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